Beyond Organic

Beyond Organic

In today’s day and age, it is getting increasingly difficult to define what healthy food really is. Many look to “USDA Organic” as the ultimate standard to define not only foods and beverages, but a healthy lifestyle as well. People often say, “I eat an organic diet,” or “I live an organic lifestyle,” not even knowing what that really means. So, what does “organic” really stand for? Is our modern, commercial food system sustainable physically, economically, or environmentally? Do you want to find real answers to these and other pressing health questions? Are you looking to reclaim your personal health and the health of your family?

Pamela Nathan and Jordan Rubin Expo West

We have recently partnered with NY Times Best-Selling Author and Natural Health Expert Jordan Rubin and his new company Beyond Organic. In addition to our current line of products, we will now be offering Beyond Organic Food, Beverages, Skin Care and Living Suppliments.  Click Here to hear a quick message from Jordan.

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