Napping May Help Keep Blood Pressure & Stress Levels Low

A new study suggests that having a 45 minute nap during the day, can help stressed-out people lower their blood pressure and protect their heart.

 Napping May Help Keep Blood Pressure & Stress Levels Low

The finding comes from a study that is being published in the International Journal of Behavioral Medicine. Eighty-five healthy university students, divided into two groups. One group had an hour-long period during the day to sleep, and the others group had no time to sleep.

Both groups were given a mental Stress test. Blood pressure and pulse rates increased in both groups of students when they took the stress test, but the average blood pressure of those who slept for at least 45 minutes was considerably lower after the Stress test than it was for those who did not sleep.

"Our findings suggest that daytime sleep may offer cardiovascular benefit by accelerating cardiovascular recovery following mental stressors," wrote the researchers, Ryan Brindle and Sarah Conklin of Allegheny College in Meadville, Pa. "Further research is needed to explore the mechanism by which daytime sleep is linked with cardiovascular health and to evaluate daytime sleep as a recuperative and protective practice, especially for individuals with known cardiovascular disease risk and those with suboptimal sleep quality," they added.

According to information, on average, Americans get nearly two hours less sleep a night than they did 50 years ago, which could affect long-term health.

13 April 2011