What You Need to Know About Garden of Life Products

If you are eager about natural supplementation, you will most certainly have heard of Garden of Life products. This product line has been rather controversial, with health claims that are sure to convince you to go ahead and buy them. Here is some information about GOL (Garden Of Life) Products, and what they can do for you & your health.

What You Need to Know About Garden of Life Products
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About Garden of Life
Garden of Life products offers you an exclusive yet very effective formulation of health supplements that feature many of nature's healthiest & most potent whole foods. The ingredients of these supplements have been carefully blended together in a form that is bio ready and easy for the body to absorb. Garden of Life products have undergone stringent processing, validation & confirmatory scientific & clinical tests to assure consumers that the supplement they take will bring them back to optimum health.

Garden of Life Products "The Beginnings"

Jordan Rubin founded Garden of Life in 2000, after overcoming an incurable disease. Both conventional & alternative medicine didn't work in treating his condition, so he took things into his own hands. With an enduring faith on one hand and a revolutionary health program called The Maker's Diet on another, Rubin then delivered whole food based nutritional products through a company he calls the Garden of Life.

Ingredients in Garden of Life Whole Foods

Garden of Life products are made from natural ingredients that are free from common allergens commonly found in wheat & dairy products. Their range of health foods is rich in dietary fiber & contains natural extracts, herbs, antioxidants & probiotics to grace the diet with health goodness everyday. The ingredients they include in their products are consistent with their mission to empower people by giving them good health and helping them achieve their health goals to improve overall quality of life.

23 November 2011